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Specialty Lines Insurance:High Risk, High Specialization

The specialty lines insurance market is the segment of the industry where more-difficult and unusual risks are written. Because specialty lines insureds tend to be more unusual or higher risk, much of the specialty lines market is characterized by a high degree of specialization.

Specialty Lines Insurance:Specialized Expertise

Carriers participating in this market have specialized expertise and experience in underwriting and rating insurance for a wide range of risks. These insurers usually work with brokers who are experienced in specialty lines insurance.

Speciality Lines Insurance Comes in Two Types

specialty lines insurance

Much of the new product development comes from the broker community in their quest to protect insureds with new and different coverage needs. The specialty lines insurance market focuses on two types of products: unusual or difficult insurance and higher risk accounts.

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If you have need for specialty markets insurance, are having trouble finding coverage for “out of the box” assets, or need guidance on protecting your high risk accounts, David Coufal Insurance can help. If you’re ready to partner with an independent insurance agency who puts your interests first, call David Coufal Insurance Agency today at 254-986-2448! For a free online home insurance quote, fill out the quote form!

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