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Benefits of Animal Mortality Insurance

As livestock owners, we care for our animals sometimes better than we care for ourselves. Just like us however, these animals can get sick and it is difficult or impossible to save them sometimes. Animal mortality insurance allows us to protect our animals like life insurance protects us. The ease of knowing that your investments in those animals are covered when trials and tribulations come your way. Animal mortality insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be tailored to your specific operations. Our firm covers a diverse array of clients from race horse breeders, show animal families and large commercial producers who cover their entire herd.

The major benefits of animal mortality insurance is that it covers an array of losses that happen to many livestock producers daily. From specified perils which cover your basics like fire, lightning, windstorm, collision with vehicles, electrocution, attack by animals and contaminated feed/water to more specialized coverages like infertility, prospective offspring and import/export frustrations. One of the most beneficial pieces of the animal mortality insurance our firm offers is that it is relevant to today’s livestock world. The coverages that are applied envelope those perils that livestock producers face on a daily basis.

Meet David Coufal

Hello, I am David Coufal, owner of the David Coufal Agency. I’d like to take a few moments to tell you a little about myself and what motivates me each day. I grew up in Central Texas with a passion for all things agriculture. From an early age, all I ever wanted to do was farm and ranch but was limited as I grew up on a very small 6-acre farm and my Dad worked off the farm to support our family. I participated in 4-H and FFA, excelling in many teams and leadership programs.

In my sophomore year of high school, I enrolled in the vocational education program and worked through high school at a local retail agricultural service center, where we serviced farmers and ranchers assisting them with their fertility, chemical, and planting seed needs. Upon graduating from high school, I had become the general manager of operations supervising the day to day activities of the operation and designing farm and agronomic plans for the farmers we serviced. When the company sold in 1978, I had rented about 230 acres farming on the side along with a small cow herd, decided that would be my career path, and continued for several years to increase my acreage size and supplement my income working for other large farmers. In 1985, a small ag-chem business became available and purchased the business to supplement my income. We took a small $300,000 sales in business and over the next 16 years grew the business to over $1.7 million in sales.

In 1996, I started selling crop insurance to many of my customers and others to help manage the risk in their farming operations. We sold our ag-chem business in 2001 and downsized our farming and ranching operation, which brings us to where we are today. I kept my crop insurance business, developed our agency, adding home, auto, life, commercial/business, specializing in farm and ranch, and livestock insurance.

Get in touch, lets talk Ag. We know it because we live it. We’ll see you down the road.

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