Kentucky Home Insurance Companies

Kentucky Home Insurance Companies

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Kentucky Home Insurance Companies

Jessie Insurance Agency is one of the reliable and oldest Kentucky home insurance companies with good reviews, solid ratings, and the best customer service. We represent over 25 insurance companies and help our clients pick the best type of home insurance policy for their needs.

How do I choose the right home insurance policy?

Identify the homeowners' insurance policy that provides you with the best advantage in a claim. While most people think that buying an HO-5 is the best type of coverage that they can get, it is important to look at the value-added features, claims handling process, and special limits before you make a decision. In the case of few or no claims, you can get a letter of claims experience and use it to buy a policy at a lower price.

Be sure to choose an insurance policy that precisely fits your lifestyle and needs. We are one of the few Kentucky home insurance companies to tailor our policies as per the needs of our clients.

Types of home insurance policies

Homeowners' insurances offer four major types of coverages. These include coverage for the dwelling, other structures, personal property, and loss of use. In the first type of coverage, the policy will offer coverage for your house, fixtures in the house, built-in appliances, attached structures, electrical wiring, etc. Remember to insure your dwelling at a value that can help you cover reconstruction costs.

The second type of coverage protects other structures like garages, fences, storage sheds, driveways, patios, etc. The third kinds being the personal property coverage, it covers all the contents of your home, your personal items, and belongings of your family members. The final kind of coverage, also known as the loss of use, covers all additional living expenses.

Tips for choosing the ideal home insurance company

If you are just through with the intimidating process of buying a new house, it may be even more important to take measures to protect your home with the best homeowner's insurance policy right away. Here are some tips to help you find the right type insurance company to buy your home insurance from:

  1. Explore your options - Get quotes from at least three different insurers before you finalize one. Once you know where you want to buy your policy from, deal directly with the insurance company, and avoid any independent agents to save costs.
  2. Check the service history - It is crucial to buy your policy from a firm that is fast at processing its claims. Be sure to do your research about a company's customer service and turn-around time before signing on.
  3. Focus on financials - Be sure to check an insurance company's financial ratings before you buy one of their policies. Also, you can enjoy a greater discount from your insurance provider on the premiums if you link your homeowner's policies to your auto policy.

Reach out to us at 270-465-5502 or 270-595-0000 and learn more about the home insurance that we offer at Jessie Insurance Agency. We are one of the top Kentucky home insurance companies with a strong financial standing and over five decades of experience in protecting the local families and communities.

Kentucky Home Insurance Companies
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