Headstones Louisville Ky

Headstones Louisville Ky

Article provided by: Evans Monuments & Family Cremation Care

Headstones Louisville Ky

Where to Look for the Best Headstones in Louisville KY

Headstones are more than just stones placed over a grave. They are part of a tradition among Christians and other religions. A headstone can symbolize many things, depending on what kind of decoration is employed in it. The column, for instance, means the person lived a noble life while a book signifies faith and wisdom.

As one of the leading makers of headstones in Louisville KY, Evans Monument recognizes the importance of a well-crafted headstone. This is why, aside from Cremation and Funeral Plans, we also offer Memorials & Cemetery Monument Designs.

Why Headstones Are Important?

Headstones tell a departed loved one's story. Creating a beautiful moment for a deceased person is the best way to give that person an everlasting tribute. A personalized monument is a great choice for people who want the monument to define the character of the person who passed away.

Aside from the deceased person's name, different types of the inscription can be placed on the monument. The popular inscriptions are religious texts. There are also some who include the person's achievements in the monument.

What Type of Material is the Best for Making Monuments?

There are different types of materials being used for making headstones. Back then, monuments are only being done using slates. Then it evolved into stones such as marble, granite, and sandstone. Now, metal and wood are also being used to create a monument.

When you want an affordable material, you can go for granite. Although it is cheaper compared to bronze, it is durable enough to withstand weather and elements. So regardless if the cemetery is located in a humid or a very cold place, a granite monument will be very suitable.

While granite costs less, there are clients who still prefer bronze for their loved one’s monument. Similar to the granite headstone, a bronze headstone can survive any weather condition. We can provide a bronze monument based on a custom design shape for your family.

Why Choose Evans Monument

Here at Evans Monument, we can provide different types of monuments, ranging from traditional ones to vertical and estate headstones. Depending on the size of the stone, we can provide monuments that are spacious enough to include up to four names of family members. Every cemetery has its own suggested size and we could take that into account when creating a headstone for your loved one.

On the other hand, there are cemeteries that are not very strict when it comes to the size of the monument. For customers who want to personalize the size of a departed loved one's headstone, we could offer a selection of standard monument sizes.

The Evans Monument is a family-owned business servicing nationwide. We can design and install headstones in Louisville KY and all throughout the United States. Feel free to browse our designs by visiting our gallery section on our website. Know more about our plans and services by calling at 502-458-1400.            

Headstones Louisville Ky
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Headstones Louisville Ky
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