Daycare Insurance

Daycare Insurance

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Daycare Insurance

Parents count on daycare providers to keep their children safe and comfortable while they are at work. Whether you are a home daycare provider or own or operate a childcare facility, you need to protect your business with insurance. Daycare insurance provides specialized coverage for those who care for children. Litigation can be expensive, and if you get caught up in a lawsuit, you could lose your business. You need to protect yourself and your business with insurance.

What is Daycare Liability Insurance?

Daycare insurance gives you coverage when a child gets injured or becomes sick while under your care. If you don’t have insurance, parents may be able to file a lawsuit if they feel you are at fault. Insurance protects you against lawsuits and will cover the costs of legal defense against claims. If you are found to be negligent and responsible for the injury, the insurance will provide payment by the terms of the policy. At DC Insurance Services, DCI, we specialize in childcare and daycare provider insurance policies. We understand the needs of providers and give you options that will provide you with peace of mind in case an accident happens.

How Daycare Insurance Provides Protection

Daycare insurance policies provide coverage for a variety of things. Some of the important types of coverage include defense, child abuse, incidental malpractice, personal injury, alienation of affection, contractual liability, field trips, and off-premise activities, auto liability, transportation, products liability, and accidental medical insurance. Insurance protects you in case a child gets hurt or sick while they are at your facility or under your care. You should include the coverage that pertains to the types of services that you provide. At DCI, childcare insurance is our only business, so we know how to help you get the protection you need.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

It is always best to obtain the best coverage you can afford. There are different types of daycare insurance policies, so you should make sure to choose the one that is best for your situation. You must have at least the minimum coverage required in your state. The amount of the deductible will vary, and sometimes a company may charge a deductible even if they don’t pay the claim. We offer several types of insurance coverage, including protection for in-home childcare providers, commercial daycare centers, and homeowner’s coverage.

About DCI

At DC Insurance Services, we have been providing insurance options for childcare providers since 1968. We originated childcare neglect supervision coverage. Our goal is to provide our clients with peace-of-mind so they can focus on the childcare needs of their businesses. We are a leading insurance provider of child-caregiver policies. We are happy to assist you in choosing a policy that meets your needs and budget. You can obtain more information and get an insurance quote online. We offer high-quality coverage options at affordable prices and give you unmatched customer service. Contact us today to learn how to get the protection you need as a childcare provider.

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